The American dream is still alive in Italy and every day I chuckle at American influences here in the old world. On Sunday, Claudio sponsored a local “motorfest” in Bra, which meant lots of “Italian” harlisti as they call them here. Although I was surrounded by patriotic American gear, the Italianess still shone through no matter how hard they tried!

American flags everywhere!!!
A SFPD police Harley?! Where do they get these things!

How they totally can not avoid being Italian:

You must display the Ferraris, Fiats and Vespas in hot Italian red!
Italian medieval entertainment a must!
Italian To Go Street Food
No Matter how cool and tough you want to be with your pimped out ride, the Italian men will always love their mammas!!

So while Americans dream of Italy and vespas, Italians dream of coast to coast trips on Harleys. I guess I am lucky to take the best of both worlds and hope that Italians will never lose their individuality!

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