Straight from my Nebbiolo Prima Blind Tasting of more than 70 wines, I am finally publishing my top picks! Of course this was my first time so my tasting notes are not so good and I am feeling a bit self-conscious:) But enjoy!


1. Montaribaldi Barolo Borzoni 2009: darker, more brownish brick red, cherries, dusty, damp leaves, sottobosco, spicy, drier tannins but soft, bright and lively in the mouth. like alot, savory element

2.  Sarotto Roberto Audace 2009: deep dark ruby red, wow nose! really intense and rich deep fruits and spice, licorace, much sweeter and fuller bodied..more oak, vanilla?

3. Abbona Marziano Terlo Ravera Barolo 2009:wow crazy nose of red cherries and goudron!! slightly floral (dried flowers), savory, nice acidity, interesting but overwhelming tar!


1. Ettore Germano Barolo 2007 Riserva Lazzaritowow.. bright fruits bold aroma but savory at the same time, so complex balsamic incredibly smooth
2. Barale F.Lli Barolo 2007 Riserva Cannubi omg!!! great nose!! pure cherry juice, dried cranberries, dried cherries, such a deliciously juicy nose with hints of dried herbs and hay, smooth and drying tannins
3. Giacomo Fenocchio Bussia very fruit forward nose! raspberries, cherries and plums, sweetnesss, licorace, toffee, spicy long finish, nice body!
4. Castello di Verduno Monvigliero different! more floral herbaceous, plums, lighter feminine body, with refreshing acidity! elegant and delicate barolo.
5. Virna Borgogno omg! sooo intense and complex nose, cherries, goudron, freshly oiled saddle amazing smooth and long finish love!
6. Molino Franco Cascina Rocca Villero asian spices, dried cherries, balsamic, glazed porcini mushrooms… really nice!! dusty and cocoaey. lovely smooth finish
7. Casetta Flli La Serra fruits, interesting like canned pineapple! haha…citrius? spice, cinnamon chocolate covered fruit really exotic!
8. Conterno Franco Munie more evolved and complex smells here of leather, tobacco, smooth great!!!
1. Orlando Abrigo Vigna Rongalioche buono!!1sweet, red fruits, ripe, fresh, herbaceous, smooth with tannins, good body
2. Cascina Bruciata Rio Sordo:browner color, wow!! again like cola, dried herbs, tobacco, root beer, raisins, cherrries sotto spirito, jumps around the mouth, tannic but great mouthfeel. enjoy! Bilancia sapido fruttato
3. Casetta Fratelli: wow great nose! warm apricots, yellow plums, spice, alfalfa, tobacco, leather, slightly sweet on the palate, savory, yum!
4. Punset Basarin: interesting nose!! Strawberry, earthry, minerally barbecue sauce, roasted  meats, onions, savoury, lots of tannins here! like it!!



1. Del Tetto Braja: different smell!!! soapy very floral violets, perfume, cherries, marascino cherries, lighter, interesting

2. Pelassa Antaniolo: yum! ripe red fruity flavours, savoury again, but refreshing peppery finish. some wild strawberry


3. Negro Angelo Sudisfà: really sweet fruity nose, candy some vanilla, easy ono the palate, seems a bit simple..really great nose
So when it comes down to it, I guess my palate is not as refined as I had expected. Real educated wine drinkers seem to prefer no barrique, as I thought I did too, but looking at my notes I guess the ones that did best in this tasting were often wines partly aged in small barrels. Now maybe this is because with so many wines in such a quick time, those are what feel silkier and easier compared to the others. This might be like the Robert Parker point system effect. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this beginner’s tasting list from my mega tasting and please let me know if you try any of these:)
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