One of the perks of working at a winery (even if extremely rare) is taking important customers to fancy restaurants for lunch. Actually… this only happened to me once but I was so excited I just had to write about it! Especially because I finally got to go see what all the hype was about at Bovio in La Morra.
Bovio just seems to be the go-to restaurant when you want to impress people in Langhe. This is partly because the family used to own the famous historical restaurant Ristorante Belvedere, situated right on La Morra’s beautiful lookout spot. Secondly, you can’t beat the view from inside or outside on the deck.



Since we only got through 2 antipasti and 1 pasta dish in about two hours, I had to skip out before the mushrooms and meat courses came. But we did leave this fun American group with the perfect wines to pair with the rest of their dishes. Although they were extremely happy with their multiple course meal, they were struggling with the amount of food they had been given on their Piemontese adventure! One lady made me laugh so hard as we shared our perplexity and aversion to the excessive amounts of canned tuna which tends to appear in numerous dishes in the area even in fancy dishes like these!




But all in all, the ambience, company and presentation of the food was unbeatable. The service did a great job of accommodating all these difficult American vegetarians 🙂 and found substitutes for each dish. I would have liked to have had a real WOW dish and expected to see a bit more creativity at this level. Anyway, I feel so lucky and would say I had a pretty good day at work!
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