So as most of you have guessed, since my last blog post oh-so-long-ago, Nicola Brizio was born on September 21st at 11:25. All that good food eaten and sips of Barolo taken during my pregnancy must have done him well since he was born at a surprisingly big 8.5 pounds. Although most of my days are now consumed by feeding, changing diapers, feeding and more changing of diapers, we have still managed to take Nico all around the langhe in just 10 days!

Meet our Langhe traveler Nicola (at 1 week)

My family came over when Nico was almost 2 weeks old and by the time he was 3 weeks he had already hopped on the bandwagon and explored all these places and more!

Palazzo Righini – Fossano:

Whether for a luxurious stay or a delicious meal just outside Langhe, Palazzo Righini is a fantastic place to visit. Probably our best meal during our whole trip. Very friendly staff and comfy sofas for breastfeeding in a private room in the lobby.

Cantina Comunale – La Morra:

The friendly Emanuela will greet you warmly and teach you all you need to know about La Morra winemakers. This is a buzzing little spot where you can taste wines from a variety of local producers. I had to nurse in a little damp grotto sitting on the ledge where they kept old bottles..ahaha. Outside bathrooms so not ideal for taking a baby!

Ceretto Winery – Alba:

One of the most important wineries and families in the area, Roberta was so kind to host us for a tasting of their Barolo Bricco Rocche 2004. A special treat! Some nice armchairs for feeding but no changing tables again.

La Torre Restaurant – Cherasco:

I had been wanting to try this restaurant for a very long time and decided to finally do so with my family. After a long day in Barbaresco, I admit that our dinner here till midnight was not easy but we did it. Nicely presented plates, good food and ambience, slightly overpriced in my opinion and with little choice on the menu, especially if you are vegetarian. Of course they had snails though! Very accommodating to having such a young baby in the middle of the restaurant. Room was tight so we had to put him on the floor. No changing tables.

Oktoberfest in Cherasco :

I was expecting just a few stands with beers from Oktoberfest but this was a full out mini version with band, outfits and all. With loud music and smashing steins and Prosts, Nico couldn’t have been happier, sleeping soundly the whole time! Surprisingly there were strollers lined up and down the aisle with sleeping babies as their fathers drank up.

Vin Cafè – Alba:

A must for a glass of wine in the center of town. Great apericenas and people watching spot. We did a double aperitivo that night. Pretty chaotic for the baby, open doors for the dreaded Italian draft “corrente” which might cause them to catch a cold!

Giolito Cheese – Bra:

Couldn’t pass up this world famous cheese shop for a tasting of the best goat cheese ever! After taking Nico there many times while in the belly, he was finally able to smell the cheese and meet the friendly staff that watched him evolve! Just stopped in for a quick hi but staff is extremely nice and loves babies like every other Italian we met.

Cravero Panetteria in Barolo & Fagnola in Bra: 

This is where I tried my hand at public breastfeeding for the first time on the benches out in front of the shop. No problem in Europe! whoohoo. We stopped by to say hi and get some yummy crackers and breadsticks that they are so well known for. They wooed over the babe.

Murivecchi – Bra:

Although this doesn’t quite get all the attention as its neighboring restaurant Boccondivino, we actually prefer going here for hearty portions and a rustic warm ambience. The prices are more than reasonable and being owned by Ascheri winery, the wine prices are hard to beat! Bathroom is a tight squeeze but there was a warm fireplace with the perfect corner space for the stroller. Nico was very comfortable there.

Boffa – Barbaresco:

On a nice day, there is no greater place to be than on the terrace of this casual winery where you can sip their wines and overlook the valley.

Osvaldo Viberti – La Morra:

Carla and Osvaldo are some of the nicest people I know. They have become dear friends of ours, and of course Nico had to go meet his winemaker friends! We were even greeted with a myriad of wines, cheese and salami! You taste in their house…so what better place to bring a baby?

Enoteca Regionale di Barolo – Barolo

This is a fun place to taste all those precious 2010 Barolos made by the producers in the town of Barolo. Very modern, the glasses are served from the wine preserving Enomatic machines. Nico was already getting familiar with some of the best names:)

Trattoria Nelle Vigne – Diano d’Alba:

For Nico’s baptism (yes we even squeezed in a Baptism when he was 2 weeks old) we couldn’t have chosen a better trattoria than this. Nico managed to survive (and so did we) a 4 hour meal with both traditional plates and some with a twist like their famous anchovies in hazelnut sauce. Not only is the food comforting, but the view is out of this world! No changing tables here despite being very family oriented.

These were just some of the places that we visited in a short time but was totally doable even with a newborn. Thankfully Nico was so calm and slept mostly through everything while his mamma was was probably the one having the harder time. Traveling with a baby definitely gives you a new perspective and makes you realize how baby friendly the area is! Since then our adventures have continued…stay tuned.

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