This may have been my last chance to take advantage of all the super fun events going on in the month of September since the baby could arrive any day now! With almost too many choices in one weekend, we decided to join our friends Rich and Allegra for an afternoon full of wine.

1st Stop: La Morra

Lining one narrow street, small Barolo producers from La Morra set up their wines on tonneaux barrels and poured them proudly to the passing tourists and wine lovers. It was a great opportunity to try new wineries and talk to the producers themselves. Best of all, for just 10€ they give you a glass for unlimited wine tasting! I mostly spit but couldn’t waste the delicious Renato Corino 2008 Reserve tasting of Barolo, my favorite of the day.


Just a sip! Barolo of course!
2nd Stop: Verduno

One of the liveliest and most highly anticipated events all year amongst the locals is the Festa di Verduno Pelaverga. This tiny community of about 500 inhabitants has a surprisingly large number of restaurants! In the courtyards of the restaurants they each serve up different courses ranging from antipasti, pasta, sausage, cheese and desserts. Again, for 10€ you had unlimited tastings which helped people loosen up for dancing to the live music later in the main square!

These Americans visiting from South Carolina recognized us from our blogs!

At about 10:30 p.m. my body just couldn’t handle it anymore and we came home. Thank god we didn’t go to the Patron Saint Festival of San Michele in Neive in the morning like I had originally planned! I will leave you with a list of some of the sagras and festivals you can plan on attending if you are lucky enough to be in Piemonte during this month.

List of the September events in Langhe (date first):

29/8 – 7/9 :   Festival of Castagnito
4/9 – 7/9 :     End of the summer festival in Vezza d’Alba
5/9 – 7/9 :     Festival of Neive , San Michele
5/9 – 19/9 :   Prosit: The castle, Barolo and its Crus in Serralunga
6/9 – 7/9 :     Festa del Verduno Pelaverga
7/9:              Festival of Salame Cotto in Dogliani
7/9:              Degusta La Morra
7/9 – 14/9 :   Sagra del Dolcetto in Dogliani
12/9 – 14/9 : Festa della Nocciola in Feisoglio
13/9 :           Festa della Vendemmia in Serralunga
14/9 :           Festa del Vino Barolo
14/9 :           Festa della Madonna di Hal in Murazzano
19/9 – 22/9 : Festa della Vendemmia e nocciola in Guarene
26/9 – 29/9 : Festival of the snails in Cherasco
28/9 :           Festa del Vino in Alba

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