Only a lucky few will ever get the chance to stay in such an exclusive place like this. Friday night we gladly drove to Barolo to meet up with our new friends Megan and Roberto on their rooftop terrace. I was supposed to pitch in our second softball game but as usual I pushed it too hard on the mound last game and was in pieces! So where else would I rather be than TorreBarolo?Megan, American expat and owner, spends her time in Sicily but rents out this beautiful spot for tourists. The location is stunning, one of Barolo’s highest points which overlooks the natural beauty of Langhe valley. You’ll have to take the never ending stairs up to the roof but once you do, get ready to be stunned. Even though it was a little chilly that night, we couldn’t pass up the chance to relax up there with friends and good wine. This is what a wine valley vacation is all about and for just a moment I felt like I was on vacation too. If you are ever thinking of staying in Barolo land, this is the place to be! Thanks Megan!


View overlooking castle and vineyards
Terrace of TorreBarolo from Borgogno roof deck.

By the way, it is just two steps up from Borgogno where they have a great tourist friendly tasting room and classic wines! I bought a 2004 Reserve Barolo which they say has been the best year in the new millenium. Gotta get that “cantina” started!

Wine tasting by myself with book


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