So I am just going to write a quick hello to you all after two weeks in Broadstairs, England (east coast). I left optimistic and brought my bathing suit but never even took off my jacket the whole time! Well we did have two fantastic sunny days, and lots of fun trips. However, more than ever I really felt like “America and England are two countries divided by the same language”. Not only was this a study holiday for the Italian students to learn English, but was also a “British English” lesson for me as well.Here were some funny observations of England:

  • Some of the students commented that it was weird that the English families had cold milk with their cereal in the morning not warm! Well I think it is the Italians who are weird on this one.
  • Many old fashioned Italian ice-cream parlours
  • Many old fashioned arcade and game rooms on the sea
  • They are always drinking! No “piccola bionda” here!
  • When you order wine in a bar they ask you if you want small or large, large meaning they fill it to the rim!
  • Unlike in Italy, they drink wine at all hours of the day, whether they eat or not!
  • The Italian students were disgusted by chips, fried foods, and especially mayo and butter everywhere and asked for fruit in their lunches instead. I guess we can say that Italy still is a healthy culture.
  • The Ales were surprisingly warm and not at all fizzy. Supposedly this is the traditional way to drink English Ales.
  • Margarine is present at all times!
  • There is no crusty bread!
  • Obviously they eat dinner at 5.30-6:30 while Italians are eating the mid afternoon snack at that time.
And now it is time for me to study for trial number two of my license and then off to the States! CHEERS!
Broadstairs English Trip
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