My mind is filled with sweet things: A dear American friend Jess ADVENTURES IN ITALY brought us delicious homemade cookies last night for Christmas, panettone is everywhere, and I am having a dessert and moscato get together on Thursday so I need to start baking. These days for Italians are filled with millions of lunches and dinners leading up to the big day of Christmas, but one of the most important elements of a meal is always the dessert.

Most Italians don’t make cookies to bring to other people’s houses when invited, but bring little mini pastries called Pasticcini or Bignole as some say in Piemonte. It is such a crafty art and although they may be expensive, there are nothing like them. Whipped cream pastries seem to be everyone’s favorites and every person has their claimed best Pasticcierra. I am not a sweets person but I cannot resist at least one Pasticcino! Which ones are your favorites?

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