This year it’s just not gonna happen… we are not going home for Christmas but for Claudio’s sake, it is also nice to spend the holiday with his family and not leave them stranded like we often do. But I don’t get into the spirit here in Italy despite all the snow around me..

I am nostalgic, I like holidays and following traditions. I miss the things that sometimes you hate when you are there:

– the endless search for the perfect Christmas tree

– being proud of the Christmas lights that your dad struggled to put up all along the roof

– having everything available in big cities, department stores! and Christmas music (haven’t heard it yet in Italy!)

– getting ready for dad’s HUGE Christmas feast

– going out to dinner on Christmas Eve at nice Napa Valley Restaurants

– spending time with family

– driving around looking at other people’s Christmas lights

– seeing old friends

– my stocking!

– nice weather

Instead I feel like in Italy:

– you just put up your fake little tree with generic ornaments that have no meaning

– put a hanging Santa out the window instead of lights

– shopping desperately from boutique store to boutique store…being careful not to touch anything

– a small normal lunch with just the closest family

– Christmas Eve going out with friends, perhaps going to a live nativity scene

– as a newlywed couple our house does not seem ready for xmas…

– looking at the lights that each town hangs above the streets, even they seem scarce this year


– lots of Christmas dinners leading up to Christmas

– Cold grey weather

I am not complaining but in Piemonte, people don’t celebrate Christmas in an extravagant way. Everything is very subdued and though I know Christmas is just a commercial holiday, it has always been my favorite and makes me start missing things from the States. If your going to celebrate Christmas let’s do it well!

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