In a country where people still have 2 hour lunch breaks to go home for sit down meals, school kids get out on time to go back to their families for lunch, moms make homemade pasta on Sunday…why are KEBAB RESTAURANTS sprouting up all over the place!?

It’s obvious that all populations need their “fast food” and with Italy’s many Northern African immigrants, this trend has taken off. My surprise is not that they exist here but at the rapid expansion in just a little time, meaning that Italian people go CRAZY FOR KEBABS! Just in my small town Saluzzo, in Piemonte, they opened up the first Kebab place 3 years ago. Now there are 2 more and a generic Fast Food restaurant run by Egyptians. As I have never entered in there, I can not be sure but can assume they serve Kebabs as well.

In Italy, sometimes I feel the need for ethnic food to mix it up a bit, but personally I would take California’s mexican food over kebab (considering I’m vegetarian) any day! I am not against this trend but just hoping that Italy’s “slow” and local traditions don’t go lost….

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