our family we traditionally made gnocchi without egg as an
ingredient. However, I have moved over to the “egg” camp because
it produces lighter pasta.
3 Potatoes
(preferably Russet variety or baking potato which is high in starch
–close to 2 lbs)
1 Large egg
2 cups All-purpose flour (may
need more or less)
1 tsp Salt and a little white or black pepper
potatoes with skin on, and submerge in pot of cold, salted water.
Bring to a boil and cook until fork tender. Drain potatoes and place
back in dry pot and cover for a few minutes to dry out skin a bit.
a large cutting board or marble surface for work area. Peel potatoes
while hot, cut in half or thirds to fit in ricer. Using a ricer is
better than a food processor because it will remain fluffier
. Spread
hot, riced potato in thin layer
across work area to cool. This
allows moisture to escape. If left in pile, it will be wet and
require too much flour.
salt and pepper potatoes (pepper optional). Gather cooled potato
into a small mound, create a center well, and pour in beaten egg.
Spread mixture back out on board. Begin incorporating additional
flour using fork to start, then hands. Knead dough, adding flour as
needed. Dough will stick to board, so scrape occasionally and mix
in. When dough pulls fairly cleanly from board, the dough should be
done. Roll into a smooth-surfaced ball and cover with towel.
work area and lightly dust with flour. Cut a piece from dough ball
to begin rolling gnocchi.
palms flat, start in the middle, rolling back and forth, moving out
to the ends. The finished shape should look like a breadstick. At
this point I suggest cutting a few gnocchi and throwing them into
boiling water to check for consistency.
If they fall apart or lack
texture and substance, go back and add more flour to the dough ball
and knead again. Once you have confirmed the gnocchi is the way you
like it, roll out all the dough into sticks, dust and cover with a
one roll from under the towel at a time, cut at a slight angle into ½
to ¾ inch pieces
. Put one aside so you can use as a size reference.
Using your thumb or two fingers, press into each piece and roll
through a little flour. This creates a slight indentation which aids
in cooking
and makes it more interesting. To create the ridges, roll
each piece against the tines of a fork
. Once the gnocchi are cut and
rolled, carefully place on a flour dusted pan and cover with towel.
Repeat process.
this point you will either cook immediately, or freeze. I find that
freezing in a single layer on the pans is a preferable way to go.

Once frozen, you can gather and bag for longer storage in freezer.
They are much easier to handle when frozen and drop into boiling
in a large volume of salted water, so to avoid clumping and sticking
When they rise to the surface, taste to see if flour is cooked
through. Remove gnocchi from water, place in pan with sauce and
lightly toss.


favorite sauces to use are my family’s traditional tomato pork ragu
and a traditional basil pesto sauce.
Of course very popular options
are butter & sage, gorgonzola, or in my daughter’s region of
Piemonte – Castelmagno cheese sauce.
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