Not only do we “drink” really well in Napa but we eat amazing Californian cuisine here too. Check out some of the places I went to and the amazing meals my dad can make. Even better!
BRUNCH AT CALISTOGA INN: Nice fresh healthy ingredients like this grilled asparagus omelette and crab cake side. There was even an acoustic guitarist in the background.
CA’ MOMI: BEST PIZZA EVER! ok.. you Italians are getting defensive I know…but these guys are straight from Italy. So there…Italian pizza is still the best. This one is hard to beat!
JOLE: Brought in our friend’s homemade Cabernet, got some small but delectable dishes. The seafood stew was amazing!
MORIMOTO: One of the hottest urban trendy restaurants around right now. Chic and delicious. Iron Chef got it right…unfortunately did not see him:(


OENOTRI: Farm to table philosophy. Shop for their veggies at the farmer’s market and make their own sausages. Sommeliers were happy to help! Great late night bustling restaurant.
EIKOS: New sushi in town…a little more affordable than Morimoto but great atmosphere and good sushi.
But…the biggest shout out goes to my dad. An unbelievable “chef” whose perfectionism can even strike anger and annoyance considering my sloppiness! But I have to hand it to him, he makes the most unbelievable meals for our family every day. He even garnishes his own dishes while by himself and refuses to serve in pots and pans. Presentation Presentation Presentation.
Only he would run all the way down to the city (an hour away) to stand in line at 6:00 am to get the best focaccia for a family dinner;) However, I thank you for teaching me a few pointers and and showing me the way! Through you I have a greater appreciation for quality food and I must say you were a “foodie” before it was cool:)


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