The missing piece to our puzzle on this long vacation was the big city…my place of birth… San Francisco. You can call it Yuppy, Hippy, Preppy but it really has it all. Claudio and I decided to stay down near the water to enjoy this rare sunny day in SF.

Fisherman’s Wharf…been there, done that…touristy…let’s move on to food. Sometimes you just can’t say no to the West Coast burger chain IN-n-Out and can’t help feeling so cool in front of the tourists while ordering variations off the menu in their secret code lingo. Claudio proudly asked for an “animal style” burger (meaning grilled onions and special sauce).
After our endless search for shoes in SF’s Union Square, we decided to just chill out and enjoy the sun in Dolores Park. A young and hip place where people just drink canned beer in a paper bag, play bongos and hula hoop which Igives it a real kind of modern day woodstocky SF vibe.
We went from hippy to high class in an instant. Old friends let us crash on their couches and taste their delicious California wines. Britta made a light healthy meal with bruschetta (BRUS-KET-A), baked wild salmon and veggies, and a quinoa salad with dried cranberries. Let’s not forget to mention a little Sav Blanc, Damilano Barbera D’Asti, and the best of the night…and unbelievable 2007 “Goldeneye” Pinot Noir from Mendocino Anderson Valley.
Ok… so sometimes when you are hungover you just crave a greasy traditional American brunch. So forget all that healthy Bay Area cuisine and head down to Haight Street to the grubby hole in the wall joint, Pork Store (despite its name i chose the tofu scramble!). After a million of coffee refills and a Kombucha (a trendy probiotic fermented mushroom drink) we took a “chilly” walk in Golden Gate Park. It was a good way to air ourselves out and rid ourselves of the fried breakfast smell! Too cold, (nothing lasts forever!), we stayed in the car and drove to some nice view spots like the famous row of houses at Alamo Square!

Ciao Ciao San Francisco! We love you!

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