Last Saturday on our amazing trip to Treiso near Barbaresco, we stopped at a family run old style trattoria called “Il Risorgimento”. From the outside it looked closed, but as soon as we stepped in the door we were enthusiastically greeted by the staff and saw that it was bustling with both tourists and locals. Ilario, the owner was tough on the outside, but soon warmed up when he poured us his house wine. There are no menus at this restaurant, just local and typical Piemontese dishes read out loud at the table. We all had homemade “tajarin” as our pasta dish. It was amazing. One with butter and sage, one with meat sauce, and one with a rabbit sauce.

Tajarin (pronounced Tie-ya-reen) is a Piemontese specialty. It is a fresh egg pasta which is smaller than tagliatelle, almost spaghetti-like. I love ordering this because it is actually one of the few “typical” Piemontese pastas offered. Often I find polenta, risotto and “plin” little meat filled raviolis so this is always my choice.


Claudio’s gonna kill me for this, but they even have tajarin eating contests in Langhe! About 2 pounds of pasta! Don’t forget the Barbera to wash it down!

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