Polenta took the place of cornbread on Thanksgiving this year in Italy. I was so gracious that my English teacher colleagues decided to throw me a “surprise”American / Italian Thanksgiving dinner just for me! I was excited to eat at Graziella’s house because she always makes the most delicious and genuine food. She was even so kind to decorate the house with festive centerpieces and stick to the theme by making a pumpkin cake! You know when you are in Italy for Thanksgiving when they make you homemade bread (with no easy bread machine). We ate two types of polenta which I had never tried before but loved immensely! One was polenta with baccalà and the second was a delicious version of the dish with cheesy leeks.

Speaking of “cheesy”… sometimes the people you would least expect become some of the most important people in your life. My English colleagues have become an important force for me here in Italy and continue to show support, and for this… I give thanks! 

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