There was no holding us back; come rain or shine we were going to Turin, Italy’s first capital for the “notte bianca”. In Italy if you can’t sleep all night they use the expression “notte bianca” while we would use something like a “red eye” for a flight or an “all-nighter” for studying. Notte bianca (white night) is also used to describe all night festivities in the center of the city like concerts, tastings, street performers and shops, museums and open bars. We went on Wednesday night because Thursday all of Italy was off from school and work! Love Italy for the holidays and felt like celebrating my new country of residence!

I apologize for the bad quality photos but it was raining so hard…even the fireworks were covered!

Normally where all the bars are…


After an hour of pushing in the piazza we finally got to see a concert of someone I didn’t even know…

Clearing out.. with the patriotic Mole behind

This is it!

Why I love Italy! This is the first Parliament of Italy!

Very Italian! Panini Sporchi they call them.. dirty sandwiches…

Paninoteca DISNEYLAND! Had to chuckle at this sight…Happy Birthday Italy!

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