– Donald Trump

A little more moderation would have saved me! If only I weren’t always so stubborn and would listen once and awhile. Claudio, the voice of reason in our house kept telling me to be careful with the mandolin while I was slicing my beloved fennel. “I know I know” I said…. and later that week…SLICE, blood everywhere! Those things are seriously dangerous but so convenient for making a “finocchio and BLOOD orange salad”.


Yesterday I wanted to purify myself by drinking Claudio’s mother’s old school Italian remedy found in a bottle called SCHOUMS. Just the label reminds me of something you would buy in an old-fashioned “drogheria” or “farmacia”.

Being incapable of moderating myself, I poured an inch of it in my water glass without caring about the minimal dose written on the back. Claudio warned me that I was going overboard but I thought if it purifies you it must be good for you! Well I hadn’t connected my atrocious stomach pains with that until after my second huge glass in the afternoon. Now my kidneys and liver are poisoned by this “depurative” and my stomach feels hard as a rock! How ironic that I am now detoxing my body from a depurative!

As I do not like going to the doctor, I am planning on drinking lots of water and hopefully will feel better for Italy’s 150th birthday in Turin tomorrow night!