After a ticket and contestation with the “vigile” who gave every car on our street tickets for an unknown street law(common in italy!), we headed to a huge convention center called Lingotto. Lingotto was an ex- Fiat factory and is now a sort of mall which includes world famous EATALY. We walked around the mall and then went to a house show called EXPO CASA. Here we appreciated the Italians’ knack for style and found very interesting pieces but no local potential clients for Claudio.

Our original plan was to go to see the King’s Speech in English but we didn’t have enough time. So the priority became snack and H&M. The city was packed…lines at Juventus store, lines at GROM our favorite gelateria, and lines at the NESPRESSO store (what else?). We never give ourselves enough time in Turin. Like I said, these may not be characteristic things to suggest to let’s say a tourist but when you live in a tiny Italian town like Saluzzo, the big city life seems thrilling again! I wanted BIG stores with no one hassling you or following you around while pressuring you to buy expensive boutique clothes. I wanted to get a free coffee at the Nespresso store and buy some capsules since it is the only place possible near us. I wanted to eat at the chain GROM even if it is nothing new to us. Then we went on to drink a few elephant beers at a pub that we always seem to bump into.

12 days until the 150th year anniversary of Italy’s unification


We can always count on our sushi cravings when visiting this big city because we know there are lots of options and the fish is fresh! No canned tuna like in Saluzzo. I had researched restaurants beforehand and got tips from Torino foodies on the best restaurants to eat at in the city. We searched them down but eventually decided that while we were there, we wanted to take advantage of the city’s diversity and eat Japanese. I remembered there was a sushi place next to one of my favorite pizzerias called Sicomoro so we tried that.We were not disappointed with Sushito and got mango rolled sushi and dragon rolls in this modern fusion style restaurant. We met lots of fun people in this bite-size atmosphere too ( a little different than the small town mentality). I know all this probably doesn’t seem very Italian, but after living here for awhile sometimes you just need something NOT Italian to fulfill your cravings!


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