This is a recipe from one of my dear friends who once put vases full of basil outside her windows instead of the ordinary geraniums. This year she put hot peppers outside and decided to make them useful at one point. Here is her recipe for a hot pepper jam which can be used on top of all the delicious piemontese cheeses and meats. It is yummy!

700 gr red bell peppers

300 gr red spicy peperoncini (the ones you grow in vases and put on balconies!)
1/2 liter of vinegar
1/2 liter of water
700 gr sugar
cinammon sticks

-Wash, slice and clean out all the peppers, big and tiny, taking out the white strings while leaving a few seeds from the spicy red chili peppers.
-Let them sit for at least 2 hours in water/vinegar/sugar/cinammon/cloves and mix every once in awhile.
-Put everything in a pan (take out only the cinammon and cloves) and cook very slowly like any jam; If you want you can blend halfway through cooking.
-When the ingredients are done cooking, put the jam in glass jars, close and turn upside down.


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