I had been waiting for this moment for about a year…every day I glanced at our wine rack in the kitchen and honed in on the bottle of Cà del Baio Barbaresco Asili 2004. Barbaresco, is like a long lost friend, whom I hold in high regard and take pleasure in, but have disregarded in the years. Well, this weekend, we indulged and revisited this elegant and silky red, made from 100 % Nebbiolo grapes.

Treating this bottle with care, we decanted it for about an hour before tasting…oh the temptation! But as soon as our lips made contact, it was love! All I know is that this wine was just my style… with supple tannins and an overwhelming finish… dominant bing cherry. It was obvious that this wine originated from old fruity vines in one of the most well-known Langhe crus “Asili”. 

I cannot be sure about other vintages but I can rest assure you that you will love this Piemontese wine. For all you Californian wine enthusiasts out there, I found out that you can buy this wine here.

Cà del Baio
di Giulio Grasso
Barbaresco Docg
14,5% alcohol
23 €
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