These kind of things just don’t happen to everyone. When you live in a country full of art history, you might just stumble on awe-inspiring works of art. In fact, a monumental discovery happened to be made very “close to home”. Priceless frescoes were just revealed in my apartment building (dating back to the 1300’s)! These frescoes are extremely unique both for their message, mystery and origin.

To think that all of these frescoes were covering walls in a private residence of the noble family Vacca is unimaginable. It is thought that the 3rd floor frescoes represent a Pagan wedding, full of mythological symbols which could date back to the 1420’s.
 Downstairs the frescoes are dated from 1668 and could be connected to a famous artist working in the early 1700’s named Giacamo Duprà who also painted the Castle of Manta nearby.


What I find even more fascinating is that the mythical figures are so complex that they will have to keep studying them to get closer to the truth. All this in my building! So when Italians ask me why in the world I would want to live here instead of the United States….well this is my answer.
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