I was feeling fired up, had my lucky baseball shirt on and was feeling supported by all our spirited teammates. Being back on the mound for me, meant finding myself again. Pitching used to be such a huge part of my life, consuming every weekend with tournaments all around northern California. Hundreds and hundreds of pitches a day with my dad sitting on a flipped over paint bucket.

All the emotions which are so hard to find as an adult came back to me: tension, anxiety, pressure, comaraderie, togetherness, pride, satisfaction, confidence and lack of self confidence. All of this shoved into two hours of play on a humid summer night in Italy. Who would have thought A) that they played softball in Italy and B) that we would have won! It was an honor for me to be accepted on this team and meet great new friends for life. Now I am already sad we’ll have to wait for next year. GRANDE SBREEFERS!

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