I’m feeling a little blue today because after studying for the Italian driver’s license for what seems like forever, I crushingly failed by one mistake. So either it is a sign that I should save the environment and not drive, or try again after doing all 500 quizzes online. In the meantime I am going to put up some pics from the 6th annual Sovversivi Del Gusto meeting in Gavardo this last Sunday to cheer up a bit.

It was a beautiful day and we met many beautiful people, new and old! Here’s what it looked like!

piadinas made with egg, lard, and pepper….mix between pastry dough, farinata and a crepe!
Above you can see Bele Casel’s ColFondo : an old style Prosecco, cloudy or “torbido” with sediments left in the bottle due to second fermentation in the bottle. VERY INTERESTING! At first I was unsure about it because there was NO SUGAR added.  However, sip by sip it really grew on me and ended up being my favorite for the day. My biggest regret was not buying a bottle while I was there. The good thing is that it is available all over the US. This is definitely not your average Prosecco and not your average winemaker. Luca young and enthusiastic, talked to us with a sparkle in his eye about how much he loves working in the vineyards, in contact with nature. His grandfather transmitted this passion to him. Ironically his father prefers staying in the cellar!;) Give this wine a try if you get the chance!
Delicious olive oil


Fun friend Dania often found at food and wine events!
Red wine from Garda called Marzemino
Polenta so thick and rich the forks had no problem sticking straight up!
dessert…rich decadent chocolate cake!

If I had some of that cake I might be feeling a little bit better now. Anyway.. if you have any questions about the products or event feel free to comment! I will be writing for the English version of the site Sovversivi Del Gusto for more detail…so stay tuned!

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