what is an apericena? First you have to understand the amazing culture of the northern Italian aperitivo. Finally the weather is nice and the outdoor patios are set up and it is all about the aperitivo!

After working a little too hard on a 37 page translation  I needed to get out all my pent up frustrations and go get an aperitivo on Friday night. Well this turned out as usual into a) aperitivo (cocktail) b) dinner c) a long crazy night out!

Basically you pay for a glass of wine (4 euro) or a spritz (aperol and sparkling white wine) or whatever… and then you get access to this huge buffet of food! It is awesome! Sometimes they even make pasta! Now I am so spoiled by this treatment that when I go back home to California and I have to pay 10 to 12 dollars for a glass of wine and I don’t even get breadsticks without ordering an appetizer for an additional  8 euro i get pissed!

I guess it all goes back to the theory that to drink wine, you should always pair it with something. Anyway, Friday night I drank a couple glasses of my old favorite MAURO SEBASTE … nebbiolo from alba. His 2001Barolo got a whopping 96 points from WINE SPECTATOR which is up there with GAJA but is about 3 times less expensive!

Look at the site and learn more: http://www.maurosebaste.it/welcome_eng.lasso

Anyway, Back to the apericena, then you go and get your grub on All you can eat. Pizza, focaccia, salads, and off you go to dance. I did this friday and sunday! Come here and try it …