Wow! We needed to rest so instead of getting up at 7 like last Sunday we decided to sleep in till 11. we got up and went to a new Gourmet Chocolate Shop in the center of town and picked out various flavors so we wouldn’t go empty handed to lunch in the mountains. Claudio’s parents have a house in Valle Grana where we went porcini hunting before and we decided to go up there and do some light walking in the afternoon.

We ate a big lunch with the fam while witnessing crazy mountain people walking though the courtyard. I don’t think the mountains are good for your mental health for long periods of time…it makes you go a little CRAZZZYYY…Anyway we wanted to hike towards Pradleves. Unfortunately we took the wrong turn and ended up in a little town that was having a festival!

The festival was so cute! There were all these straw figures dressed up like the townsmen doing old traditional jobs. Then there was a demonstation of the bells and archery. A woman was hand carving designs into a broken wood arrow as we walked by.

Then the cheese stand caught our eye. We immediately told the cheeseguy that we had no money on us as we started asking questions anyway. He loved our company and curiosity and gave us lots of tastings of gross moldy looking cheese. I was hesitant but pleasantly surprised. He told me to eat the moldy crust because he said “Hey..what do you think they made antibiotics out of!?..That part does nothing but good!” I understood that the outer part was made out of Fosse or something like that. Which i thought meant sewer in english so i was VERY hesitant. In italy anything is possible. I ate it anyway and it was really good..pecorino…with no sewer taste at all. Then I guess he liked us and said he had a surprise, he pulled out dried fish out of the van called Stockfish (stoccafisso) that he said sells for 60 euro a kilo. He gave it to us as a gift!! (but do I really want that out of all the delicious food on the table? He said that I had to cook that stockfish VERY carefully and explained the recipe to me:


-Soak the dried stockfish in water for 3 or 4 days. (i guess changing the water?)
– Whatever is left on is on, whatever comes off stays off.
– Put some garlic and olive oil in a pan and sauteè it.
– Add fish.
– After a couple minutes add canned tomatoes and cook for about 25 minutes on the stove.
– In the meantime make-a the polenta like-a mount-a vesuvius!! and plop-a all the sauce-a with-a fish-a on the top of the mount-a vesuvius like-a lava coming down!!!!

VERRRYYYY INTERESTINGGGGGG….. never had polenta with fish and don’t think i want to right now in the summer. maybe i will keep that fish dried until the winter and try this EXPLOSIVE RECIPE!
– a random but fun Sunday!

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