I basically had to drag Claudio after my other friend bailed on me and there were no trains from Saluzzo. It was my last chance to hit up #SDG. It had been two years that I was dying to go and nothing was going to stop me this time. Not even the fact that our informant who was already up said she could hardly get in the door it was so packed. Who cares! Carpe Diem!

We got parking right away and with some hook ups got in the door with no wait:) Lingotto is HUGE. A big conference center next to the original EATALY and FIAT factory. Stands stands stands full of genuine Italian products, but not only that, international ones as well. You see, this food fair is big time. We started out in the International Market and were faced with Irish beer. Well that sounds good…we’ll have that!

Well…our Salone Del Gusto turned into a type of our own oktoberfest, hitting the English beer stand for some expensive and discrete IPA. The American beers? BUHHH! Then it was off to the Italian section.straight for Lombardia where we found ourselves taking a breather from the crowds at the Birrificio Lambrate stand. Not only was this young man very friendly and passionate but he offered us a beer similar to an amber ale but double the strength called Porpora. Delicious hoppy with some dried fruit scents, this beer knocked our socks off!

Right around the corner was Birrificio BI-DU from the province of Como and this became our next stop. The fascinating and beautiful blonde behind the counter generously gave us tastes of all beer varieties until we decided on a pretty darn tasty Amber Ale here too.

Moving along perhaps swaying along…we were looking for something to eat at this point.

Claudio went to La Granda for a big satisfying hamburger. Who would have thought that at an the Italian Salone Del Gusto we would have been drinking beers and eating hamburgers! I nibbled on some cheese and wouldn’t you guess…that the kind men from this high quality Cuneese meat stand had open bottles of the world famous Baladin Beer and guess which kind it was? SUPER! the strongest one! We couldn’t refuse a free gift so we each gulped down a mini glass.

Around and around we went and ended our binge drinking tour with a Piemontese Grappa di Barolo for Claudio and another Menebrea special blend for me.


Well we didn’t do much…Claudio was too tempted by the Sicilian cannolis and hamburgers while I couldn’t resist the numerous Pugliese olive oil samples.

However we came home starving with three things in our bag. A free jar of organic artichokes from Alce Nero because I am already a big fan of their products and guessed a 100$ question right, a box of tea from ValVerbe because the owner is my student’s mom and I raved about their organic teas (my favorites), and lastly an apple from Trentino as we pleaded with the apple stand that we already had bags full at home. He gave us one anyway. Perhaps this was an alternative SDG experience including beer, hamburgers, tea, apples, and artichokes! Until next year….