The reception planning was funny! I bookedthe dinner a year in advance before knowing the church time because it was the only elegant classy joint on the hillside with a view IN Saluzzo and I knew I wanted it. I booked this location blindly in a way without knowing the price, details, or any of the important stuff and without looking at any other options. Actually.. I printed out the invitations with their name on it before having any real sort of confirmation from them!RISKY!

When we finally had a meeting with the owners about 6 months from the wedding with no contract in hand and I had my long list of questions, they just kept saying “don’t worry about it…non c’è problema!” It seemed like everything was possible for them and they told me we should talk about everything including the price, menu, open bar, etc. a month before the wedding! OKKKKAAYYYY…this is what frustrated me. I kind of needed to budget. They told me (which was great)..that they didn’t do flowers on the tables because they have such a lush garden, print the menu, or do seating chart! Those were reliefs!…

…But what about color themes, and colored linens, and colored menus, and escort cards on wine corks, and matching flowers to my bouquet…?????Was it all going to be too plain? I wanted to do it American style and make it unique, make it complicated!!

With the owner we chose the menu on the spot without tasting it! Well he basically chose it!

enormous aperitivo buffet with prosecco “Ateliè”

piemontese sliced salt-marinated loin of veal carpaccio with quail eggs and pistacchios WINE: Roero ARNEIS ” Valdinera “D.o.c.g. 2009

zucchini soufflè with a ricotta stuffed squash blossom

Fresh homemade veggie pasta with cherry tomotoes and parmigiano

Rack of Veal in an herb crust with Pototoes nouvelle and green beens

Paired with : NEBBIOLO d’ALBA- “Valdinera” D.o.c. 2007


Mini portion cakes ..chocolate like i wanted! but no flowers like they wanted! SMALL PASTRIES WERE ALSO PUT ON THE TABLE ALONG WITH THE WINE:

Asked for a projector because I was dying to show these Italians how we do it.. and being nostalgic and all, it was important to me. 6 months ago the reception site told me everything was possible remember?. Now they’re saying a couple weeks before that they only have a screen but no projector! What’s up with that!? Where am I going to find just a projector?…After asking random sleez bag video store guys if they could rent me one and after they quoted me hundreds of dollars I reconsidered. Claudio hardly had any baby photos which I thought was weird! And time was ticking and I wasn’t even sure if the projector would work with the screen outside at dusk.. So I had to sacrifice the slideshow:(

We figured out the open bar. We let the restaurant choose the wines. However when I told them what cake we wanted they all jumped in and said No.. DO A WHITE CHOCOLATE CAKE! NOT BROWN CHOCOLATE! and then when I  told them I wanted to put flowers on it they told me NO! A FLORIST HAS THEIR JOB AND A BAKER HAS THEIR OWN JOB AND IT’S BETTER NOT TO MIX THEM! Basically It’s like mixing oil and water. I was stunned and wanted to show them all my American magazine pictures but decided not to fight them on it and went for a simple cake with NO FLOWERS! Again.. therefore nixing the color theme.

Then I asked them if we there was a Master of Ceremony or something and they just answered by saying again..”Don’t worry”..well..that made me worry more! I told them American weddings involve alot more activities during the dinner. Then I asked them about our bridal party entrance as well as our own and they said “Don’t worry”…WHATEVER!!! I realized we were just going to have to trust and be spontaneous! I didn’t go back up there until the moment we walked into the reception as husband and wife.

(No surprise! No dj announcing our name! Just the Coolio music “I’ll C U” that I’ve always dreamed of at my wedding! we are confusingly leading people to the dance floor for the first dance)