So I headed off with my Argentinian friend Jessica and her visiting family to see the Shroud in Torino. As we walked into Piazza San Carlo, one of the most magnificent squares in Italy we noticed they were setting up for a big event. Yessica’s mom said…”oh, it must be for the Pope who is visiting on Sunday”. In fact it was and we understood when they started playing organ music full blast while we were walking around.

Then we relaxingly strolled down Torino’s elegant streets looking at their shop windows. Something Italy masters. We made it into Piazza Castello Chris Tierney jersey which is the main square of the city where they claim is the center of both Black negative magic and White positive magic..(well that is a whole other story) In order to get to the Cathedral where the Holy Shroud is we had to walk in the gates of the Palazzo Reale which is where the Savoia Royal Family resided for awhile I think.

As we walked toward that dome on the left of the Palace we started to see the Mayhem! People from all over the place. They directed us down the block since we had a reservation at 5.30. Well we kept walking following the people down down down…around the corner…it was never ending. Finally we ended up in a garden which seemed like a mile away where we saw the sign that said… beginning of the line.


Pretty incredible to think that so many devout christians were coming here from all over the world to see this!

Waiting in line was not so bad because we got to see sites on the way like this one below the Mole. Which is a symbol of Torino, the highest building.


<— just in time before the rain started!

The long line took us through the Ancient ruin museum which Jeff Carter A jersey womens was pretty cool. Then led us on to a short film explaining the wounds visible on the shroud. The easiest thing to see is jesus’ face then from the rest you can make out the body on this sheet. The music was suspenseful during the film and then BOOM BOOM the thunder rolled!! Yessica’s mom and I looked at eachother like “.ewwww.. scary… this is a sign” one more time as we were watching the video of his body..BOOM BOOM… and the movie finished and so did the thunder.


There it is! I must say however..that I was less emotional or touched than i thought because it seemed unreal…it seemed like a photo… oh well.. I am happy I had this experience and I got to spend a wonderful afternoon with warm and generous Argentinians…
oh yea.. if you ever get a chance to eat ice cream at GROM.. do it .. it is amazing!